Sanhai Interior Architecture Design

Sanhai Architecture Design is a comprehensive design company integrating architecture, interior and landscape design.
We had made many different kinds projects which distributed in various regions at home and abroad, most of them are airports, five-star hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, villas and residential quarters. With these experiences, we can not only provide you the ideal designs, but also can suppose inspiration and ideas in projects operating.
Beside the professional design service, we will also provide free on-site coordination services of different professions.
Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any problem about the design service, we will provide consultation in all aspects.

Core Advantages of "Four Highs"

High quality design innovation system

High efficient management and control system

Highly collaborative platform system

High density cost control system

Market leading product innovation capability and Marketing design ideas

Years of experience in real estate design and Stable quality control system

Perfect design consulting service system and Seamless service awareness

Structural professional unit steel consumption can be optimized to nearly 6% lower than industry standard