Sanhai Interior Architecture Design

Project Address:    Mengzi, Tongren City, Yunnan Province, China
Area: 13000 ㎡
Type: Airport Terminal Design


Mengzi Airport Terminal Design

Yunnan Mengzi Airport is a medium-sized airport that adopts a modern and environmentally friendly airport terminal design. The smooth lines of airport terminal design which has streamlined design enhance visual beauty and comply with aerodynamic principles, reducing noise pollution and ensuring flight safety.

The facade wall of airport terminal design painting cleverly integrates the beautiful scenery of Yunnan into it, making the appearance of the airport unique with local characteristics.
The main tone of interior design is modern style. The use of skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows not only increases indoor light, but also provides passengers with a broad field of vision. This airport terminal design not only meets the aesthetic needs, but also conforms to the development trend of today’s green architecture design, helping to save energy and reduce emissions.

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