Sanhai Interior Architecture Design

Project Address: Chengdu, China
Design Type: Commercial Cafe Design


Xinjin Cafe Design

The cafe design is defined by its minimalist approach, featuring a neutral color palette and uncluttered layout. Soft warm tones adorn the walls, while tall floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light, creating a warm ambiance. Adjacent to the windows, a wall of wooden bookshelves houses a variety of books. Plush chairs with soft cushions and a softly lit chandelier contribute to the peaceful and cozy atmosphere. A desk lamp in the corner provides ample reading light, and the entire space is filled with the aroma of coffee and soft music, enveloping patrons in tranquility and enjoyment.

A standout feature of this cafe design is the small garden located on the second floor, bringing a touch of nature into the space.

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