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Design plan for stairs with protruding front edge and invisible light strip lighting

Determine functional requirements for invisible strip lighting:
1. The lighting effect must be bright enough to illuminate the stairs and avoid excessive brightness and glare, according to international lighting standards (illuminance 300-500 lux).
2. When choosing the material of the light strip, we first need to consider the luminous effect and durability of the light strip. The luminous effect mainly depends on the light transmittance and color temperature of the light strip material, while the durability is related to the anti-aging performance of the material and the working environment. Common ones currently include PC, PMMA, PS, etc. We recommend choosing a light strip material with high light transmittance, excellent UV resistance and good heat resistance, such as PC or PMMA. Taking PC material as an example, its light transmittance can reach more than 90%, its color temperature range is wide, and it can be adjusted between 5000K and 20000K, which can meet various lighting needs. In addition, PC material also has good impact resistance and heat resistance, and can work stably between -40℃ and +120℃, making it very suitable for the complex environment required by the design of the protruding front edge of the stairs.

Stair front edge styling design
The shape design of the front edge of the stairs is not only related to the aesthetics of the stairs, but also affects the safety of users. We need to fully consider factors such as the width, angle and material of the stairs. For example, the design of the front edge of the stairs should avoid sharp corners to avoid accidental injuries during use; at the same time, the design should be easy to clean to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. In addition, the design of light strips should consider factors that are easy to replace and repair, such as using modular design or reserved maintenance channels.

Installation steps of invisible light strips
In order to ensure the concealment of the light strip, it is necessary to choose a light strip with a similar color to the staircase, and ensure that the light strip is fixed inside the staircase to prevent the light strip from being exposed. During the installation process, special fixtures need to be used to fix the light strips to the keels of the stairs. After the installation is completed, quality inspection and adjustments are required to ensure that the light strips function properly and look beautiful.

Stair design
staircase design cad drawing
Stair invisible light strip design