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How to add invisible light strips to stairs

Design plan for stairs with protruding front edge and invisible light strip lighting Determine functional requirements for invisible strip lighting:1. The lighting effect must be bright enough to illuminate the stairs and avoid excessive brightness and glare, according to international lighting standards (illuminance 300-500 lux).2. When choosing the material of

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Congratulations! We won a gold medal for our design!

Sanhai Design won the Gold Award of the 23rd Ginkgo Phoenix Award ! Our Sanhai Design Team is honored to announce that at the just-concluded 23rd Chengdu-Chongqing Design Exhibition, we won a Gold Award and a Silver Award of the Ginkgo Golden Bird  Award for our outstanding design concepts and professionalism. This

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Interior Design: Is It Necessary? Or is it just to pursue art?

People spend a significant portion of their lives indoors, and for many, the indoor environment's comfort and aesthetics are just as important as the building itself. Interior design is both an artistic and practical field that enhances not only the beauty of a space but also the quality and comfort

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Sanhai Design at Guangzhou Design Week Fair

Sanhai Design is honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Guangzhou Design Week Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou from 12.8-12.11, 2023. At this home design week, we discovered some amazing new home decorative design materials that caught our attention with their unique charm and innovation. We have established cooperative relationship with many new manufacturer partners. And we decided to incorporate these new materials into our next design project, believing that they will add more wonderful elements to our design. We look forward to combining these new materials with our design philosophy to create even more outstanding works.”

15 December 2023