Sanhai Interior Architecture Design


Project Address: Enyang, China

Area: The river channel of this project is 8.1 km long,  area of 730 000 ㎡.

Design Type: Landscape Design

Yangliu River Wetland Park

On the basis of fully satisfying river flood control and ecological restoration, the landscape design project will highlight the relationship between the city and the river and reflect its ecological value.
The Yangliu River construction and improvement project will include ecological embankment construction following once-in-20-year flood control standards. The part design project will be planned at watershed and city scales, organizing runoff, woodland, fish ponds, and farmland along the river to form a graded rainwater purification system and biodiversity community. The landscape construction will also combine urban leisure and recreation with the river’s ecological environment to create more water-friendly spaces, memory scenes, and cultural stations.

Landscape Design strategy :
1.Ecological patch restoration
2.Sustainable vegetation communities
3.Construction ecological corridors
4.Manual intervention trace blanking

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